Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to a wide range of international cuisine, top notch restaurants and delivery boys.
pita bread from a restaurant in abu dhabi
As a general rule, the best (and most expensive) restaurants in Abu Dhabi are in hotels. They're also the only restaurants allowed to serve alcohol.

As Islam frowns upon the consumption of pork, very few restaurants serve the “other white meat”; though the occasional eatery will “go the whole hog”, for example the Beach Rotana Hotel's German-themed Brauhaus.
  • Women aren't required to cover up when in a restaurant.
  • Local cuisine largely consists of rice and lamb dishes accompanied by salads, hummus and bread on the side.
  • Ramadan is a good time to try local food as come Iftar (breaking of the fast) big hearty meals are often the norm. Lots of restaurants re-open after sunset during Ramadan, and the family-oriented vibe can make this a great month to eat out.
To give you a taste of what's available, here are some fantastic restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Recommended restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Automatic and Lebanese Flower
These restaurant chains offer a good local variety of fast food at a low price. They do shawarmas (roast meat rapped in pita bread), hummus, falafels and roast chicken. The mouth-watering fare and local cultural inspiration makes them a must try.
Tel: 02 676 9677 (Automatic)
Tel: 02 665 8700 (Lebanese Flower)

Hoi An
Contemporary Vietnamese cuisine served in an equally delightful dining room inside the Shagri-La Hotel.
Tel: 02 509 8888

The Indian Palace
The Indian palace is a lovely restaurant on Salam street offering fantastic Indian dishes for excellent prices. They also have a delivery service available.
Tel: 02 644 8777.

Café Arabia
A converted villa that features its fair share of charm and a light, healthy menu. Perfect for a relaxed lunch in an airy atmosphere.
Tel: 02 643 9699

Bam Bu!
This Chinese restaurant in the Marina club overlooking the yachts offers good food and a fun atmosphere. Go in a large group, the tables are big and the portions the same.
Tel: 02 645 6373.

For those that prefer something more upmarket, Vasco’s is a good option with an ocean view. The restaurant caters to all tastes with a menu that offers both European and Asian dishes.
Tel: 02 681 1900

Located within the Intercontinental Hotel, the Fishmarket is famous for its fantastic seafood dishes made with the freshest ingredients. The formal ambient atmosphere makes it a perfect place for either a date or a business dinner.
Tel: 02 666 6888.

Beach Rotana’s Brunch City
Every Friday this five star hotel does a fantastic brunch, combining the food selection of a number of its restaurants to provide customers with a dazzling array of culinary choice. Although slightly pricey, the food is lovely and there’s complimentary champagne.
Tel: 02 697 9000  

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