Culture Shock in Mozambique

Expats moving to Mozambique should prepare themselves for culture shock. The country suffers from crippling poverty, and expats may be shocked by how most of the population lives.  Many Mozambicans live in huts and adverse conditions.The roads and state of driving in Mozambique are also very bad, which may take expats some getting used to, depending on where they are from. 

Language in Mozambique

The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. For expats who cannot speak Portuguese it may be difficult. Learning the language or just useful phrases can make assimilation easier. 

Cultural differences in Mozambique

Mozambicans are not strict on punctuality, which may cause frustration for expats. This can impact on expats' lives, especially in the case of doing business and expat children attending school.

Public displays of affection are uncommon. It is typical for people to shake hands upon meeting, and for women to kiss women on the cheek, but only in familiar settings. 

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