Working in Johannesburg

Working in Johannesburg means being employed in the commercial centre of South Africa. The city is home to some of the country's core industries, including mining, finance and telecommunications. There is no better city in South Africa to settle in for expats looking to advance their careers in a work environment that is fast-paced, competitive, aggressive and demanding.

Job market in Johannesburg

With countless numbers of locals descending upon the city in search of work, the unemployment rate in Johannesburg is extremely high. The majority of unemployed people in the city are, however, unskilled. Conversely, there is a shortage of workers in skilled sectors such as executive management, accounting, finance, medicine and engineering – meaning that there are many opportunities available to expats whose skills are in demand.

Finding a job in Johannesburg

With such a high unemployment rate, those looking for jobs in Johannesburg on their own may have limited prospects. Getting around this situation requires resourcefulness, and expats should try to tap into as many word-of-mouth networks as they can. There is often a spirit of understanding between expats in the city and many are willing to assist each other when they can. To this end, networking with members of already established expat groups in Johannesburg could be very beneficial to new arrivals in the city.

Alternatively, there are several well-respected job recruitment websites, and expats can also look through local newspapers to find job advertisements.

Expats are required to have a work visa to take up employment in Johannesburg. 

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