Frequently Asked Questions about Brazil

Expats considering a move to Brazil often have questions about the bureaucratic processes involved and the quality of life they can expect. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about moving to Brazil.

Is Brazil a good destination for expats with kids?

Expats with children will find that Brazil is a wonderful place for kids to learn about different cultures as well as the vast amounts of fauna and flora the planet has to offer. Brazil is a fun place for children and certainly an exciting move. Education costs remain high in Brazil which does mean that expats travelling with children will have to factor incredibly high school fees into their monthly budget. Some expats organise a subsidy from their companies, especially those with more than one child of schoolgoing age.

What vaccinations should I get before coming to Brazil?

It is best to consult with a qualified travel doctor at least four to eight weeks prior to departure when organising vaccinations before any overseas travel or an overseas move. Yellow fever vaccinations are mandatory, especially when travelling throughout the region. Typhoid and hepatitis A and B vaccinations are also on most doctors’ recommendation list as are vaccinations for tetanus-diphtheria.

Which city is the best one to live and work in?

São Paulo is the premier destination for business expats moving to Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is also very popular and has a number of oil industry jobs. Brasília has a significant diplomatic community. Many of the coastal cities such as Fortaleza, Recife and Porto Alegre also have expat communities.

What pollution levels will I experience in the cities?

Rapid urbanisation in many of Brazil’s major cities has led to an increase in pollution levels. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are particularly bad. However, local governments are intent on putting pollution control measures in place and in some of the larger cities, like São Paulo, there are restrictions on driving.

Is it expensive to live in Brazil?

The cost of living in Brazil is somewhat high, but expats' salaries will be the deciding factor in what kind of lifestyle they're able to maintain. There is a large disparity between the rich and poor in Brazil, but most expats will probably not need to worry too much about paying their bills each month as expat salaries tend to be high.

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