Frequently Asked Questions about Canada

Is it worth learning French?

When moving to Quebec, French is worth learning, as this is their primary language and all road signs will be in French. People in Quebec can usually speak English, they just choose not to. Outside of Quebec, the language is almost always English and most road signs also appear in English.

Do I need a car in Canada?

Canada is spread out over a huge area, making moving between destinations difficult without owning your own transportation. It is true that within large cities there are good public transportation systems in place. However, even there, suburbs are sometimes difficult to commute to and from without a vehicle. It is much cheaper to buy a car in Canada rather than bringing one from overseas.

Can Canadian residents visit America easily?

After moving to Canada, travelling to America can be difficult. Canadian citizens can visit America without a visa but residents will have to apply for one.

How bad is the weather in winter?

The weather in Canada really depends on the area. All places can expect snowfall; the Pacific Southwest is the mildest with only 50 days a year below freezing. Much of the Arctic north is too cold to live in at any time. Populated areas on the south east average 23°F (-5°C) for the winter.

Which city do the most expats live in?

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have the largest expat populations. While expats in Canada traditionally cluster in large cities, increasingly they are spreading out to smaller ones. There is active recruitment and competition among cities to attract immigration.

Is it easy to buy a house and what are the factors involved in buying a house?

When moving to Canada, location is the largest factor in buying a house. Commutes to work can take a very long time. The average house price in Canada varies tremendously depending on the province. In February April 2017, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average price in British Columbia was 728,000 CAD, and the average price in Ontario was 668,500 CAD. 

The quality of a neighbourhood and the proximity to public transport are two factors to consider when house hunting in Canada. It is probably necessary to hire a realtor/estate agent. Also, deposits cannot be refunded if an offer is made and accepted; a principle which is different than in the UK. Property taxes can also be significantly more expensive than abroad. Yet the housing market is large and it is easy for foreigners to buy Canadian property.