Essential Info for Chile

Population: 18 million

Major religion: Catholicism 

Capital city: Santiago (also largest city)

Legal system: Presidential republic

Main language: Spanish

Time: GMT-4 (GMT-3 from August to May). Easter Island is GMT-6 (GMT-5 from August to May).

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz. Standard plugs are the round two-pronged (Type C) Europlug and sometimes the three-pronged (Type L) Italian plug.

Currency: The Chilean peso (CLP), divided into 100 centavos.

Tipping: Standard 10 percent in restaurants, usually less for other services.

International dialling code: +56. The area code for Santiago is (0)2.

Emergency numbers: 131 (ambulance), 132 (fire), 133 (police)

Internet TLD: .cl

Drives on the: Right