Weather in Chile

Because the country spans such a large geographic area, the weather and climate in Chile is hard to sum up in a broad description. Generally, spring (September to November) welcomes a beautiful array of flowers; summer (December to February) is perfect for those wishing to acquaint themselves with Chile's beautiful beaches or its range of vineyards.

From March through to May the changing colours in the leaves offer perfect postcard pictures. Winter (June to August) is a time when many Chileans hit the ski slopes, which is often an easy excursion to plan because many ski resorts are only a short bus trip away from major cities such as Santiago.

Climatic conditions vary quite a bit from region to region. The northern part of Chile is home to the beautiful Atacama Desert, one of the driest areas in the world. Central regions around Santiago have a Mediterranean climate, while glaciers and alpine tundra are found in the east and southeast of the country.

Santiago weather chartSan Pedro de Atacama weather climate chart