Shipping and Removals in Mexico

Expats are allowed to ship some items to Mexico duty-free; these goods must be accompanied by an itemised list, with additional copies and a certification by the local consulate.

The type and amount of items depends on the expat's visa category. Anything over the prescribed amount will be taxed. Retired expats coming on a rentista visa can import much of their cargo tax-free. Expats using a shipping company should insure expensive items, and do so through a company other than the one used for shipping.

Expats should consider buying new household items in Mexico to avoid shipping costs and duty taxes. Furniture can be bought cheaply in Mexico, including custom-design items. Modern appliances can also be bought easily in Mexico. It is also possible to rent an already furnished house or apartment. 

Shipping pets to Mexico

Bringing cats and dogs into Mexico through the border is usually not a problem, but owners should have recent documentation of vaccinations, including ones for rabies and distemper. 

Pets arriving on airlines are required to have a certificate of health issued just prior to their arrival. One certificate is needed for each pet travelling. For air travel, the certificate must be no more than five days old.

These rules apply for dogs and cats. Expats who have more exotic pets will need to check with a Mexican consulate for the latest guidelines.

All pets traveling by air must travel in a pet carrier that fulfils the criteria of the airline. Check the airline’s website for their specific requirements.