Healthcare in Puerto Rico

Healthcare in Puerto Rico is of a high standard, but conditions do vary. The healthcare is similar to what one would expect in the US, however the difference lies in what to expect from practitioners and how insurance companies work. 

In recent times, Puerto Rico has been facing a looming healthcare crisis, and therefore the future of healthcare is unstable currently.

The island is home to more than 90 hospitals, not to mention clinics and pharmacies. There are also several hospitals and other healthcare facilities in San Juan that have medical staff on site around the clock.

Public healthcare in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Health Reform — known locally referred to simply as La Reforma — is a government-run programme which provides medical and healthcare services by means of contracting private health insurance companies, as opposed to the traditional system of government-owned hospitals and emergency centres.

There are essentially three main insurance companies currently operating in Puerto Rico that participate in La Reforma:

  • Triple-S Inc

  • Medical Card System (MCS)

  • Humana

Private healthcare in Puerto Rico

Insurance companies are generally good in Puerto Rico. They are affordable, especially if an expat has their insurance through their employer. Also, they are more open to covering things that previously weren't covered in an expat's home country, like pre-existing conditions.

Emergency numbers in Puerto Rico

In a medical emergency, call 911.

Health hazards in Puerto Rico

Although tap water is said to be safe to drink, many visitors react badly to it. It is therefore recommended that expats drink bottled or boiled water.

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