Expert Info

on 7 Jan 2019

Hello y hola,

I am confused at the moment about the work permit. I am going to move to Mexico in the next 3 months. I would like to apply for a permanent residency. Now I read that before applying for the visa I have to apply for the work permit. But I will not work for somebody in Mexico. I have always been self-employed and want to stay that way. The consular officer even said that I cannot apply for a work permit being self-employed. I am so confused at the moment!!!!! Does anybody here know how to proceed??? I don't know anybody in Tijuana who could be my employer! And 1 more it true that the laws have changed and a temporary resident is not able to change his/her status from temporary to permanent anymore? Basically has to leave the country after the four years are over? Or is it still possible to change from temporary to permanent after 4 years? Thank you so much for reading my post and any help is greatly appreciated. XOXO