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Posted by kru1133
on 23 Dec 2018

Hi there

I am moving to Maputo from the USA and enjoy sports shooting and hunting. Is it possible to import the forearms I own with me, when moving to Mozambique. They are not semiauto or auto. Rifle and shotgun.

If so, is the procedure straightforward?


tompitman on 24 Dec 2018

Hi - here's some information on importing a firearm to Mozambique: 

Firearm Import Regulations For Mozambique

The Mozambique temporary firearm import permit must be obtained in advance, on your behalf by your outfitter.

A fee of US$150-300 per per hunter, depending on the number firearms and ammunition.

  • Only 2 rifles and 1 shotgun per hunter are allowed into Mozambique
  • Semi automatic, automatic firearms or military style weapons are prohibited
  • A maximum of 60 rounds of ammunition per firearm is allowed

Application Documents

Your outfitter will request information from you and will submit the application on your behalf as all official correspondence takes place in Portuguese.

  • Copy of the photograph/details page of your passport
  • Passport photographs x 4
  • Proof of firearm ownership - US Customs Form 4457 or firearm licence

Please note, you will need to complete the South African firearm import procedure if you are going to be in-transit with no interline baggage transfer or overnighting in Johannesburg.

Ensure you get a South African multiple entry permit as you will require the same permit on your return from Mozambique.