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Posted by Smith
on 15 Mar 2019
My family and I have been considering a move to the UK, but with all the Brexit confusion and frustration I've begun to wonder if it's the right choice for us. What is the attitude towards foreigners in the UK at the moment? Should we expect to feel any animosity moving to the country as expats?
Cali on 16 Mar 2019

I’m a Brit, born and bred, currently living in Scotland after 15 years in England. 

I am thoroughly embarrassed that my country voted to leave Europe and at the number of people who now think Britain isn’t the place for them. Yes, we voted to leave (I didn’t) but a huge number voted to remain. And I firmly believe that if there was another referendum, we’d vote to remain this time.

We are not racist. We are not xenophobic. We welcome everyone with open arms and our country is all the better for it. 

So please do come. Yes, we have our problems like every country has, but on the whole, we’re a tolerant bunch.  


tompitman on 18 Mar 2019
I'd ditto that. Amazingly, despite the chaos caused by Brexit (or not Brexit) the UK still has one of the strongest economies in Europe (which is not saying much) and offers opportunities for hard-working ambitious people. I expect that after a decision is made one way or another, the country will continue to prosper.

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