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Posted by taylor1
on 23 Sep 2019
Hi! I recently went on holiday to Mozambique and completely fell in love with the country. I would really like to move there and live as an expat for a while. What kind of jobs do expats normally get in Mozambique? How can I make this dream come true? Thanks!
Rianca on 27 Sep 2019

Hi Taylor,

Mozambique is a stunning country and I can completely understand your infatuation! Unfortunately, Mozambique has very strict rules when it comes to hiring foreigners. Companies usually only higher very skilled foreigners who can contribute skills that are hard to come by locally. Examples of this would be engineering or specialised medicine. There is a market for native English teachers, but it is very small and competitive to come into. What qualifications do you have? You can have a look at our guide on working in Mozambique for more detailed information.

Hope you get to live your dream. Rianca

tompitman on 27 Sep 2019
The economy of Mozambique is growing rapidly, from admittedly a very low base. Massive gas reserves have been discovered in deep water off the coast of northern Mozambique which may make the country the largest supplier of gas in the world. On the back of this, there's a tremendous amount of investment going into the north of the country. If you have the right qualifications, there may be opportunities for you to work in this area.

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