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Posted by taylor1
on 17 Jan 2019
Hi there. I'm looking for some information on what will happen to my health insurance after Brexit. My wife and I are retirees and we have been living in the south of Spain for almost 5 years now. Will we still be able to use our current health insurance post Brexit? Thanks in advance for your help!
Daniela de Castro on 17 Jan 2019

Hi Taylor

From what I can tell, it seems like nothing will change until the EU and the UK have come to an official agreement. There will also be a transition period until December 2020 to allow for more negotiations to take place. This will likely mean that very little will change for you and your wife until the new agreement is firmly in place. This article covers the issue in more depth. 

Hope this helps! 

- Daniela

Smith on 25 Jan 2019

Hi Taylor1

I'm in the same boat, it seems like everything is still a bit up in the air. Hopefully, we will all be able to get some clarity soon.