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Posted by jenniejam74
on 13 Sep 2018

Hi everyone!

My husband and I are possibly moving to Taipei in 2019 and will be bringing our two beloved cats with us. I’m hoping to get some information on what life might be like for them? Are cats liked/tolerated ok in the city? We would be likely living in an expat community, close to friends and colleagues. My cats are my family so I’m hoping they can have a happy life along with us, if we move. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this-any help or info would be greatly appreciated:-). 

Meagan on 27 Sep 2018

Hi Jennie!

As a cat lover myself, I can definitely relate to your question! Though I don't have personal experience in this, cats do seem to be well-liked in Taipei – in fact, the city is home to what is often cited as the world's first cat café! Also, in New Taipei, there's a "cat village". Also, the president of Taiwan famously has two well-loved cats, Think Think and Ah Tsai. The section on "feline culture" on this page is also a useful insight.

Based on all this, it seems like cats have a prominent place in Taiwanese culture – hopefully this puts your mind at ease. You might also find the Expat Arrivals article on travelling with your pets useful. Your best bet would probably be to hire a relocation company to ensure a smooth journey and entry into the country for your cats.

Best of luck with the move!

– Meagan