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What is the best international school in Vietnam?

Destination: Ho Chi Minh City

Im Uma from India moving to Vietnam by May. What electronics (like mixie, grinder, iron box) are we expected to bring from India? Can Indian electronics be used as such in Vietnam? Do we need converter?

What is the best international school in Vietnam? Parents need your expert advise please...

Getting a work visa sponsored job in Taipei, Taiwan?

Destination: Taipei
My spouse and I are moving to Taipei this year. I work in HR and need to find a job through a company first. I am also flexible and would consider teaching english as a second language as well. Does anyone have suggestions on what companies are now hiring and would sponsor a new hire for an HR job or ESL job in Taipei? Thank you! Chris

Salary and benefits package in Norway?

Submitted by ungomukh on Sun, 01/08/2017 - 14:10
Destination: Oslo


I have been offered a job transfer to Oslo, Norway from my current employer in UK. I do not know the living costs, taxation and the salary that can be expected for an IT Solutions Architect role.

What would be the comparable salary in Norway if the person is earning £70,000 / £80,000/ £90,000 in London UK

Are Braamfontein, Maboneng or Melrose good areas to live in in Joburg?

Submitted by yzw200 on Fri, 01/06/2017 - 18:23
Destination: Johannesburg


I am a white male and will be moving to Joburg for a one year project. I am not looking to live in a gated community. Besides my professional work, I'm also a filmmaker. Friends who have spent time in the city have suggested the above neighborhoods as a good fit. I am looking for a neighborhood that is ideally somewhat artsy but more importantly where I can walk around relatively safely at least during the day.

Hospitals and health insurance in Guangzhou?

Destination: China
I am willing to travel to Guangzhou in February for my business visit but because of my cardiac problem (Heart decease) i am very confused as two things are disturbing me as below: 1)Is there any good cardiac hospital in Guangzhou for foreigners who knows English well so i can approach in emergency? 2) Is there any travel insurance we can opt after arriving Guangzhou?.....Thanks...Vijay

Taxes for Italian buying a property in Edinburgh?

Destination: Edinburgh
I am Italian citizen resident in Ireland. After sell my house in Co. Cork, Ireland I am looking to buy a house in UK (in the range of 100,00 pounds) for my own residence. My plan is to get a job in Edinburgh and live in there max 2 years. After this, I may have to return to Italy, so, what kind of taxes do I have to take in consideration? buy and sell after 2 years?. thank you very much for your attention in advance, regards, marcela

Can I enter Oman with two valid work permits from both Oman and Malaysia?

Destination: Oman
Hello, Happy New Year! I am an Indian , who was working at Maldives with a valid work permit for last three months. Now I got an offer from an employer in Oman, and they already started processing my work permit. While in the mean time , my Maldivian work visa is not yet cancelled. And the day when I reach to Oman, I will be holding TWO DIFFERENT VALID WORK PERMIT FROM TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, so is it a problem for me at Oman airport? Please advice. Have a great time.

How easy is it to get an automation testing job in Pretoria with 2 years of experience?

Destination: South Africa

Hi Team,

I have 2 years of experience in Automation Testing in India. Now, I would like to work in Pretoria, South Africa.

How easy to grab an opportunity in Pretoria with the experience I have?! Your suggestions/guidance will help and give me a lot of confidence to work in SA.

How to find a job in UAE?

Submitted by Amy_G1987 on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 10:34

Hi all, I'm new to this so will try and fill you in as much as possible. My husband works as a Field Service Engineer in the UK. He earns quite a good salary but is wanting to move on to somewhere where there is more opportunities and a different lifestyle for him, myself and our young daughter. He completed his apprenticeship around 14 years ago and has been working in this field ever once also completing an HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Job opportunities in Norway?

Destination: Norway
I am Bachelor in Commerce from Punjab University Chandigarh India . I have also Graduate Diploma in Business from Auckland Technology University New Zealand. Besides I have Diploma in Banking & Financial Services from India. I have over 6 years experience of which over 4 years working experience in New Zealand in the field of Accounting & Business including Customer Services. Do I have chance of getting job in Norway ?

Is 20000AED salary for a family of 3 in Dubai enough?

Submitted by James75 on Fri, 12/30/2016 - 10:55
Destination: Dubai
Hi folks, my husband has been offered an operations manager job with a high end luxury retailer in Dubai. The salary being offered is 20000AED per month inclusive of housing, schooling. The company also do not offer any assistance towards relocation only an additional 200 GBP towards additional baggage when coming to Dubai, no healthcare for dependents or flights home. After carrying out extensive research I'm struggling to make ends meet when factoring in the costs of living in Dubai in particular schooling for our 11 year old son and accommodation.

Is a KSA labour ban applicable in UAE?

Submitted by footylad on Thu, 12/29/2016 - 21:59
I am in the process of resigning and not working my full notice in KSA. HR tell me that I will get a 'runaway status' that bans me from all employment in the GCC. Is this true? I have been accepted in the UAE for a role and am a little worried it may fall through. Any help is greatly appreciated,

Bus routes for Brighton College in Abu Dhabi?

Submitted by Mewiid on Thu, 12/29/2016 - 14:54
Destination: Abu Dhabi
Good afternoon everyone I recently received an offer for a position in Abu Dhabi and was thinking that Brighton College may be a good choice for my two kids (aged 14 and 15). I am researching potential areas to rent in and read that there is a bus service available to Brighton. I would really appreciate it if someone can give me an indication of which areas are serviced by the bus route and also recommendations regarding these areas with regards to affordability etc. Much appreciated

Fees and documents needed for Indian university in Bahrain?

Destination: Bahrain
Hi I want to know about Indian university in Bahrain giving regular courses like MBA, MCA. Kindly throw light on:
1) Can a expatriate (India) work and study regular course in Bahrain? If yes after getting certificate what is the procedure for attestation.
2) What documents do I need to produce from Indian college
3) What are annual fees.
4) What are the contact no. or mail id of the PRO from university for further queries.
Thank you.

What is the best ICSE school for admission in Bangalore?

Destination: India
Greenwood High stands to be one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore. The admission page on their site is - . I just wanted to know if the admission has started from December, 2016 for the academic year of 2017? If anybody knows, please answer it. If you have any other school's name, please suggest.

What kind of visa is needed to move to the UK?

Destination: The United Kingdom
Hello everyone,
I'm in need of a bit of advice, my husband and I are looking into moving to the UK from Canada. But I'm not understanding what visa we would need. We would like to move there for more than 3 years. Thank you for responding to my question