Expert Info

Posted by nadeemchennai
on 9 Oct 2016


Greeting to everyone :). This is my first post on here. Im moving on Hong Kong in Mid December'16. To give a background ive got a job and my salary will be around HKD 40,000.

Most likely my place of work would either be in Kowloon or Queens central. I would request help on the below

1)For a 2 bedroom apartment what would be the rent.
2)Which is the locality I should be looking out for apartments if i work in Queens central or Kowloon
3)What about schooling. My kid is in 1st Standard in India.
4)To start with I intend to travel to HK alone, settle down and bring in family after a few months. Reasonably priced eateries which serve Indian food.

Would you very grateful for your advice and guidance.