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26 August 2012
I have recently agreed a move to Abu Dhabi and am now in the process of finding a 1 bedroom / studio apartment to rent. Anyone got any recommendations for a real estate agency I should contact?
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Hi Jimmy, 

If you are taking up a job offer in Abu Dhabi, I would recommend you try and speak to the company's HR department first. Many companies who employ expats often provide accomodation or help them find an apartment. I am sure they will be able to recommend a trustworthy estate agent who has had lots of experience finding accomodation in Abu Dhabi.

Also read the Expat Arrival's pages on Accomodation in Abu Dhabi and Areas and Suburbs of Abu Dhabi to get some idea on where abouts you may want to live.

Best of luck with your flat hunt !
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Hi Jimmy, I've recently been staying in Abu Dhabi with the travel agency Atlantis Rejser. They have a lot of nice hotels. I've stayed at Radisson Blu Yas Island. The company is located in Copenhagen, which is were I'm from too:-) Have a look at

Enjoy Abu Dhabi:-)

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Depending on your budget, try the "expat friendly" agents like Better Homes or Cluttons. If you arent familiar with the city, then you certainly need a reliable agent who can guide you through the muddlesome affair that can be rental contracts here.
No agent should ask you for money for viewings. If they do, run a mile. 5% of annual rent as finder fee for the agent is typically to be paid by you should you find something using an estate agent/broker.
Good luck!

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