Acommodation in Doha for commute to Ras Laffan

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By Adel Lawson - Posted on
17 August 2011
Myself and my wife are due to arrive in Qatar in the next couple of months and we were looking for accommodation around the Doha area. As I will be working in Ras Laffan, I wanted to know what would be the best suited residential areas to stay in as I understand there are not many big cities close to Ras Laffan. I have already researched some accommodation through and Qatar Living which seem to be the only two sites around in Qatar and have been quite usefull. Is there any more places that you would recommend for me to search?
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If you're working in Ras Laffan I assume you're in the oil or gas sector. Most companies actually have company compounds out there that they use to put up employees. Have you enquired with your employer about this? Al Khor and Al Wadi are two of the popular ones, though do note, these are small towns and you won't find much in the way of entertainment or shopping.

If you'd rather base in Doha and commute, about 40 minutes to over an hour (depending on traffic), you should check out listings in the Gulf News (the English speaking paper) or you should contact a real estate agent. Though using an agent my increase the price of rent a little, it's worth it to eliminate the hassles that come with finding a place on your own.
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i have an offer to work in qatargas but i have to resign from my company in my country if i accept their offer in the same time im afraid because the contract would be through another recruitment company so please i need help to take my decision

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