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Posted by eruudy
on 26 Dec 2016
my daughter is in grade 11 and my work visa doesn't cover her stay. Is there any school that can admit her and also grant her visa? Please let me know as she is due to return in a matter of days if this isn't sorted. Thank you ..
Meagan on 3 Jan 2017
Hi Edwin,

Unfortunately if you're not able to sponsor her stay via your own residency employment visa (outlined in the family sponsorship section on this page), she won't be able to stay. Without a visa, she'd be staying in the country illegally. Most if not all schools will require some kind of proof that the child is staying in the country legally.

Sorry to hear about your situation - I can imagine it's quite a disappointment to have to send her away - and I hope you manage to find a way to sponsor her at some point.