Posted by HBH
on 21 Apr 2017
Hey ,
I have been offered a job in Dubai ( office in near DIFC) and doing some research on housing and schooling. Any suggestion where would be the best place to life for a single working mum , my child is 7yrs. Idyll we would like some duplex with small garden . Which areas you could suggest me
Meagan on 26 Apr 2017

Have a look at our page on Areas and Suburbs in Dubai for a few ideas – you might enjoy some of the beachside suburbs or some of the city's green, leafy areas. You can also check out our page of recommended International Schools in Dubai. These tend to be based in good areas, and many expats with children choose where to live based on where they wish to send their children to school. So if you find a school you like, the surrounds could also be a good place to look for accommodation.

For some extra info about the education system in Dubai, you can read our page on Education and Schools in Dubai.

When would you be making the move? Would your company be handling all the visa requirements?

All the best for the move.