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Posted by JoyD
on 2 Mar 2016
We are an Anglophone family moving from France to Belgium (we have been in France for 7 years). We will be moving to Belgium and are looking for affordable International schools as we are self-funding. We have an 11 year old and 13 year old and it seems that the only Anglophone International schools to fit our budget are Bogaerts and International School of Flanders both in Waterloo. We hope that the children will complete their secondary education in Belgium so would be grateful for any feedback on these. I am aware that Bogaerts follows IB and ISF , A levels.
JoyD on 3 Mar 2016
Thanks for your response Shantalie. I just would like schooling to be taught in English, as although both children are bilingual French/English. Many of the recommended International schools are in Excess of 70K for 2 children, exclusive of lunches/extracurricular, whereas Bogaerts and ISF seem more reasonable at around 34K for 2 children, this is why I was interested in hearing any opinions/experiences on these schools.
Shantalie on 3 Mar 2016
Hi JoyD

When you say Anglophone, do you mean schools which teach in English or those that teach the UK National Curriculum?

You'll see there are a lot of schools in Belgium that teach in English. You can find a listing on our International Schools in Brussels page. 

What is your budget?


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