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on 3 Jun 2015
Hello My husband and I with out three year old daughter ( and posisbly our dogs) are moving to Sydney for a minimum of two years due to work. We will be working in the CBD weekdays from 8am to 7pm each day. We are looking to rent with a weekly budget of max $1200 per week. Ideally we want a conveninet commute via public transport that is under 40-45 minutes max. Very important to us also is a nice family friendly safe area that is if at all possible close to a beach, cafes, shops, parks , great schools ( am I being a bit unrealistic, does this even exist)! A house/ townhouse would be ideal but not sure our budget will stretch or a three bed apartment with possible outdoor space. Any information is welcome and much appreicated as I really have no clue as I have never been to Sydney. Thank you.
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Jun 2015
Hi Gilly, Have a look around the Northern Beaches. I am an Australain living in Malaysia but own a small 2 bedroom unit with a garden(small)walking distance to Dee Why Beach. Its a fantastic area to get connected in with loads of parents with young children. You will get a nice unit for $1200 a week but not a house. The cost of living in Sydney is crazy but its a great place to live. The cafe and beaches are fantastic and schools in that area are plentiful and the public schools are really good for lower primary, you wouldn't need to send to your child to a private school. Good Luck!
vrahul1984 on 7 Oct 2015
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