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By poulosekiran - Posted on
12 June 2012
Hi, My employer in Bahrain has applied for work visa for me in Bahrain, im an engineer by profession.The employer has asked for passport copies, photos and CV , my accademic certificates were not asked for submission. pls update..if i need to carry them or get them attested. I wanted to know if I will be asked to submit them later on during any of the doccumentation process.. Thank you
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Hi poulosekiran - it's always a good idea to have attested copies of all your important documents in case they are asked for again further along the line of your visa application process. It's also a good idea to have a copy of your resume at hand in case they ask for this to prove that you are suitably qualified for the job. In general, the work visa application provess for Bahrain is not a complicated one. Have a look at the Work Permits for Bahrain page for further general info about the process.
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I had done BE mech from trust which is not approved by can I get egineer visa for baharin .

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Am a professional nurse how long does it take to process and have a visa to move over to bahrain and work

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I am a driver.and I want to ho Bahrain on work can I go.

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I joined new company and have to transfer my visa. Igot my visa cancelled and i went to LMRA to take mobility but i culdnt take mobility because its showing iam out of bahrain .They said only sponsor can do it. I gave my passport to my old company .they said they will do it. Its almost one week and they still dint sort out the problem.will be ther any problem if the sponsor delays.pls reply.thanks

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What is the processing time for the employment visa for bahrain?

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Hi Priyanka.. did you get the answer for your question?

What is the processing time for the employment visa for bahrain.


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Hi.. I am Salman Rangrej and have got a job opportunity in Bahrain. My decided salary is 200BHD per month ( accommodation and transportation given by comoany) and have signed the agreement 47 days ago.
I just want to ask you that would it be good deal or not ? And how long will it take to the employer to get the visa ?
Plz reply me
Thank you

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Hi Salman

Have a look at our Cost of living in Bahrain guide for an overview of monthly expenses. 

Kind regards,
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