Best bank in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a British expat

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By tompitman - Posted on
20 February 2012
Hello, what are the best banks in the UAE, suitable for expats moving to Abu Dhabi. Do British banks have offices in Abu Dhabi, I am with HSBC but could easily move to Lloyds, Barclays or RBS if I had to. How difficult is it to open up an account and should I consider speaking to a financial advisor before opening an account? M
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Hi Tom-

You're in luck, British banks do indeed have branches in Abu Dhabi, and funny enough, HSBC is one institution that's present and accounted for. As you already have an account with these folks I would say it's best to explore options with them first. See how they can accommodate you, and don't forget to ask about an offshore account. In Abu Dhabi, if God forbid anything horrible happens to you, your money can be frozen by the government until all of your debts are paid off. 

Alternatively, Barclays is also in Abu Dhabi, and you can also consider any of the local options.
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Hey Tom,

Are you still in the search of a bank for opening an account?

I moved to UAE last year but my situation was a little different than yours. I had closed all my previous accounts in UK before coming to Dubai. Opening bank accounts here in local bank was not that tough. As suggested by Stephanie, do check with your current bank, but also compare the options with local banks and then come to a conclusion.

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