Bright Beginnings Nursery in Abu Dhabi - reviews?

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19 March 2012
We are looking for testimonials from parents who have children at the Bright Beginnings Nursery in Abu Dhabi - do your kids go there? Can you write a review of the school, are your children happy there? Are the teachers nice?! Where exactly in Abu Dhabi is it?
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Bright Beginnings is a good nursery but you can also check Little GEMS Nursery in KCA.Little Gems International Preschool, the first International Preschool Curriculum Master Franchise in Abu Dhabi has opened its doors to the public on March 20, 2012. The prestigious nursery is now accepting enrollment for children ages 4 months through 4 years old.addition to the IPC curriculum, Little Gems offers a multilingual approach, world-class facilities and smart halls with Promethean interactive learning boards. The students have access to a Math and Computer Lab, Exhibition Gallery, Giggle and Wiggle Theater, Champions Gym and much more. Parents are also encouraged to participate through Little Gem’s “Mummy and Me” and “My Family and Me” programs. Moreover, Parents can watch their children without setting foot on the campus through HD CCTV cameras on the web.
Phone: 0097125571627
Good LUCK :)

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Bright Beginnings Nurseries have a great reputation and have been in Abu Dhabi for quite a while. My daughter went there and really enjoyed her classes. There was so much for the children to do every day.
I also heard from her teacher at Al Khubairat school that the children coming from Bright Beginnings were more prepared for FS1 and FS2 than other kids and that they also settled into school more quickly.
They don't have very much staff turnover and the teachers and assistants always seemed really happy.

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We have being using Bright Beginnings for two years now. They have recently increased their rates by 10 % and are charging term fees in excess of what it costs to go to a mainstream school. The teachers are very good and committed. However, it seems management are out to make as much money as possible. We could not recommend them anymore.

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