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on 9 Dec 2015
Hi, My colleague recently moved to Canada from UAE as i am going there as his replacement. His wife wants to start a business here.They have no prior experience in starting a business formally. What are the legal complications that we should take care of?.They are starting our business from Ontario. What is this NUANS name search report. Is it absolutely necessary to do it. Should they hire an expert like Ontario Business Central Can anyone here guide us through the registration procedure?
MaryClark on 26 Jul 2016
Since you don't have much experience in this I would strongly recommend you to use professional services: you would need a lawyer, accountant, maybe business consultant. You can find some of these services offered for free from government or in welcome Centers. maybe check for Chambers of commerce for help. If you try to do everything alone you might get into trouble with some missing taxes, papers or reports, or even something small like a wrong business insurance.