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Posted by alfredledford
on 7 Jul 2016
I am Alfred, currently residing in Toronto. I am getting married soon. But I am not a Canadian citizen. I just need to know, is there any legal consequences in the marriage of people of different nationalities? Also, I need to know about getting Canadian citizenship. Should I consult any law firms like Max Berger Professional Law Corporation, Toronto to get Canadian citizenship?
Meagan on 11 Jul 2016
Hi Alfred,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Yes, foreigners are allowed to get married in Canada. In order to get Canadian citizenship, your spouse (assuming he/she is a Canadian citizen) would need to sponsor you. To do this, they would first determine their eligibility according to the requirements on the official website of the Canadian government. They would then apply to be a sponsor; at the same time, you would need to apply for permanent residency. Once both of these have been granted, you can then apply for Canadian citizenship, and once again must fulfill stringent criteria.

As the above process is rather complicated, I do think consulting an experienced immigration lawyer would be a good idea.

For more information on Canadian visas please visit our Visas for Canada page. If you are planning to work, you may also find our Work Permits for Canada page useful. 

Best of luck.