Posted by juniorstar
on 5 Dec 2016
i study in South Africa in 2008 i have South African qualification but i went back to my country of origin to work for the internet service provider there, I am a Cisco network engineer and my skill is among the skill needed in SA, but i am planning to go back to SA, my question is, is it possible to obtain a Critical Skill Permit with a visitors visa. Best Regards
Shantalie on 5 Dec 2016
Hi Juniorstar,
In 2014 there was an overhaul of the visa regulations in South Africa and now you are no longer able to change from one visa to another type from within South Africa. In most cases, you need to leave and apply at the South African embassy in your home country. From reports I've received the new process actually works much faster although it is a hassle going home and the costs involved are by no means cheap.

For more info on the process check out the Visas in South Africa page.
Are you going to use a consultant to help you apply for your visa?
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Dec 2016
yes i need an agent but i first have to register with a professional body that is my biggest challenge.