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on 17 Dec 2014
Hi my husband has been asked by his company to move to another office which is in Breda (we are currently from the UK). We would be happy to go but we have a dog and a horse. Where can I find houses with land for rent near Breda or a house with no land but has livery (horse boarding stables)nearby? Would we be better living just over the border in Belgium? We don't want to live city centre or in an apartment, would prfer to be out in the 'countryside' and also in a nice area. Many thanks Dawn
Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Dec 2014
Hello Dawn, Holland is really not like the UK in respect to living in the countryside. The whole country is flat apart from a very small area in the South. You can find areas that are in the 'countryside' but it won't feel like the English countryside as it will still be close to a town or city. There are certainly horsey people in the Netherlands and indeed they may live in areas outside of towns but you will never be able to get away from towns or cities in Holland - hope this helps! Sandra