Can't get a work permit anymore?!

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By Kate Snyder - Posted on
13 April 2011
I heard they were trying to do away with the exceptional skills permit in SA, is this true? If so, when is the latest I should get my application in to home affairs? Are immigration specialists worth it, in this case?
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It is correct that the Exceptional Skills Permit will be replaced by the "Critical Skills Permit". The Department of Home Affairs will issue a list of industries, which it deems as critical to the development of the country's economy.


At this stage the exact requirements for the new permit are not known. Also, it is not yet clear when the Exceptional Skills Permit will be replaced.


It is doubtful that it will be "phased out". Rather the change would happen over night, based on past experience with Home Affairs.


In response to using an immigration firm to assist: In theory anybody can try to apply for a permit on their own.


If you have enough time and patience, and you are persistent enough, then you should be successful.


The advantage of using a professional firm is that they can advise on what is required for an application without you needing to call Home Affairs or stand in a queue. Often approaching Home Affairs is not really helpful as you will talk to 2 different officials, and you will get 2 different opinions.


Immigration firms also check that all your documents are in order, so there is no time wasted in trying to apply, only to realise that you used the wrong colour ink.


Immigration firms also provide feedback to questions as the one you have posted here.


Of course, immigration firms charge a service fee, and it is up to you if you want (and can) mandate a company to assist.


Some are more expensive and some will charge hardly anything. If at all possible, I would avoid using the bottom end firms. These are often one-man shows, and the risk is just too great that something will go wrong. If it sounds too easy and too good to be true, in this industry, trust me, it is!


If you decide to use a firm, look for a company that sounds professional and who sounds like it knows what it is doing (even if the advice they provide may be something you do not want to hear, for example that you do not qualify for a specific type of permit).


In your particular case it would be worth speaking to an expert. The requirements for the Exceptional Skills are very strict, and it may be that you do not qualify. Better to know this before hand.


Trust you find this information to be useful.


Kind Regards


Joachim Schuckmann

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