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on 28 Jul 2012
I have applied for a position in Guargaon and would like to know how to commute. I would not like to drive by myself (at least till I get used to the traffic and driving on the left side). 1) Can I hire a driver with a car? Or do I have to provide a car? How much would that cost? 2) What is a great (clean & safe) neighborhood close to Gurgaon? I appreciate any information! Please respond to: Thanks! Peter
rakesh.190585 on 9 Aug 2012
Dear Peter, First I would like to know where do you stay in Delhi, This will help me to give you an estimate of cost , otherwise the best way is by hiring some radio taxi they have some packages for daily users, I will let you know there rates. Also in Gurgaon I can Help you to get a decent place to stay. Please revert with your location first . You can also call me on My hand phone - 9310167311, I am residing in Delhi, Dwarka Area. Or you can respond to me on my mail Id
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Oct 2012
There is an excellent metro service connecting Delhi and Gurgaon. It's the best option for commuting between them.