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Posted by H.G
on 23 Oct 2017
Hello All, There is a potential of an assignment in Abu Dhabi for me next year. I am a U.S national and working for a U.S publicly traded company. Since my companies only entity in the UAE is in Dubai my visa will be out of Dubai but my work will be near AUH airport. One of the options I am considering is to live in southern part of Dubai and commute to AUH airport everyday. If I live in Marina or Jemeira area near the highway to AUH aiport what kind of driving time am I looking at? I would be leaving very early in the morning (630am) and returning around 3 - 4 pm. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
EmmaL on 23 Oct 2017
Hi H.G.

Have a look at our guide on transport and driving in Abu Dhabi for some commuting options. Travel time between Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai Marina is about an hour if you drive yourself, so it could be an option for you. 

Hope this helps,
H.G on 23 Oct 2017
EmmaL, Thanks for the feedback. I would be driving myself and with all my research I estimated an hour also. Regards, H.G