Cost of living in Tel Aviv

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26 May 2011
I'm thinking of making Aaliyah, and settling in Tel Aviv for at least the next few chapters of my life. As a recently graduated university student I don't have access to a huge cashflow and I'm wondering what the cost of living in Tel Aviv will be. Is it possible to immigrate, find a flat and a job and start making a decent salary in three months time?
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The good news is that if you're a single, recently graduated university student you won't be too concerned with living a life of luxury, the bad news is that Tel Aviv is by no means cheap. The cost of living is on par with London or Beijing - rent being especially expensive.

In three months time you'll certainly be able to find a flat - a shared option will be the most economical and the best way to make friends (expect to pay around 2500 Shekel), but you'll have a hard time finding a job in your field. That said, in Tel Aviv there's plenty of positions in the hospitality industry to tide you over until you find something more acceptable.

Regardeless though, salaries in Israel are notoriously low - so don't expect to make a fortune no matter your profession.

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Yes I agree that cost of living is quite high in Tel Aviv, I made aliyah from Paris and do not feel any difference in prices between the 2 cities. If you work for an International firm or the High Tech industry you have a comfortable life otherwise I would say that things can be harder, it is just that salaries are often disconected from the financial reality. Rent is expensive yes and food is not cheap either.
Having said that every experiece is different so I wish you all the best for your Alyah

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