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Posted by rdash2
on 5 Sep 2016
I worked in UAE 2007-2008, employer issued a bank account with credit card, I moderately used and in 2008, due to recession, I lost job, Employer duly exit with resignation letter (pre-dated), Before leaving country I issued a letter to banker to activate the insurance to claim the balance amount around 16000 DH.
All of the sudden after 3 month, local guy in Delhi reached through phone to pay huge amount, I refused and told to come through bank directly or come legally. I am ready to pay the debts amicably as per the statement. No answer and every year once they call through phone and abuse the words, no action yet.
Now I got job in Saudi Arabia, is any possible to arrest at Saudi. How do I know the ban in travel to other countries or police case filed on me. Waiting for your reply pls.
With Regards, R Dasaretharam.
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Oct 2016
Hi RD! The best thing is to reach the UAE bank and Dubai Police directly... If you intend to repay the loan, they will consider it on good Samaritan basis and let u do the needful. We have recently seen a case of a person who left UAE during recession and had travel ban due to defaulted payments. Now he is doing well and wants to repay the amount and travel to UAE. His travel ban was removed by Dubai Police.