Do you have to know French to live in Montreal

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By DavidC - Posted on
15 February 2012
I'm thinking of moving to Montreal with my French girlfriend, but I'm worried that because I don't speak French life will be difficult in Montreal. Is there a large community of English speakers in the city? Is it possible to get a job as an English speaker? Any advice from English speakers in Montreal would be great.
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No doubt, learning french will help a great deal, but you don't have to speak french to get by. If you speak English you should be fine. If you want to start working, I would highly recommend you learn french.

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Since French is also the official language of Canada, you need to learn it to be able to work in Montreal.

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You don't have to speak French to live in Montreal. The city is almost perfectly bilingual, with almost everything offered equally in both languages. However, if you work in an industry where you provide service directly to the public (hotels, bars, retail, restaurants etc), you may have hard time finding work as most employers want bilingual workers, precisely because the city is equally French and English. In non-service sector, speaking English only should not be a serious obstacle.

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