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on 21 Sep 2014
Hi, We are planning to move to Vienna next summer. My daughter will start 3d grade in Vienna. Her german is not very strong, but she is fluent in Hungarian and Spanish. For this reasons we thought of putting her in a school with either hungarian or spanish. Unfortunately the all those schools are located in districts which would not be our first choice for living. Would anyone know if one needs to live in the same district as the school is? Can I register my kid into a school without having a valid adress in Vienna? Thanks, Reka
Xavier on 22 Sep 2014
Hi Reka

To the best of my knowledge, admission to schools in Vienna is not dependent on district. You should be able to enrol your daugther in the school of your choice and live elsewhere, provided it has good transport links.

To find out a bit more, have a look at our Education and Schools in Vienna page, as well as our Getting Around in Vienna page.
I would also have a look at our Education and Schools in Austria page for a bit more general information.

You can also search through the official city of Vienna site (, which does give information on the education system.

You may want to contact one of the schools you're interested in to find out about whether you need proof of address, or what would be valid as proof of address.

Best of luck,