Does anyone have experience of giving birth in Australia?

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By Abhimanyu10 - Posted on
05 July 2016

MY wife is 8 months pregnant, and suddenly my business trip has been fixed. Her due date is in August, so I will be taking her with me.Since baby will be born in Australia What are the docs needed for the baby to get back to India along with mother? What are the minimum necessary docs for an infant to travel in general? In that case, what about baby's status in Australia? Will the immigration authorities at Australian airport let the baby (born in Australia) go out of the country without any documentation? Appreciate any guidance on this topic

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Hi Abhimanyu10 - please consider the plan to take your pregnant wife with you to Australia - it is very risky to fly in the last trimester of pregnancy, and most airlines would be reluctant to allow a person who is eight months pregnant to fly, due to the risks to both her and the baby.

As for the legal status of your child, being born in Australia does not make your child automatically an Australian citizen as neither you nor your wife (I'm assuming) are Austrlian citizens. Nevertheless, I am sure the Australian authorities would present you with some documentation to prove the birth of your child.

Unless you are coming from a country that is exempt from Australian visas, all children travelling to Australia require a valid visa to enter the country, so I'm not sure of the legalities surrounding your child being born there and needing to leave. It's best you contact the Australian Immigration and Border Protection Department for more information about this matter -
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