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Posted by seemakamaraddy
on 12 Oct 2017

I got an offer from a company in Dublin city - Ireland. And also critical skill work permit processed successfully.Planning to move to Dublin around Jan -2018.

As soon as I land to Dublin ,

Can I ask my spouse to join me immediately? If so what kind of visa my spouse should get to arrive in Dublin - Ireland?
Once my spouse arrives to Ireland (Joins me) , can he apply for Dependent/Spouse work permit immediately? Is there any restrictions? Please specify.
Once he gets Spouse work permit , can he start doing a contract/permanent jobs? (Assuming he gets a job :-) )

Please help with your valuable knowledge and time.
EmmaL on 12 Oct 2017
Hi Seema

Your spouse will need to apply for a visa before joining you in Dublin, and the type of visa will depend on a couple of factors, like your ability to support him and your eligibility for immediate family reunification. Have a look at some more info on this page on the Irish immigration site.

To answer your question, he needs to have an offer before he can apply, yes. The dependant/spouse work permit allows the holder to do any type of job, so there are no specific restrictions. Once he has it, he can start working.

Have you started looking at places to live? Where in Dublin will you be working?

Hope this helped!

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