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on 10 Jan 2013

My family and I are moving to Beijing soon. My company will be paying for our apartment. Because of the children would like to be in walking distance to a park and some good food services.

Which area or areas should we look for a property in ? Would really like some insights from expats.

Shantalie on 10 Jan 2013
Hi Maaria,

There are a number of areas in Beijing which are suitable for expat famillies.

Chaoyung Park is very popular amongst expats with children because of its large green spaces and great restraunts. 

Lido is another good option. It is close to a number of good international schools. There are also lots of parks, entertainment and galleries so you will always have plenty to do here.

Finally, you might like to look at housing options in Shunyi district. While this area is also home to number of international school and is far less polluted than the rest of Beijing, it does lie furthur away from the CBD and is not supported by good public transport links. So if you choose this area you are likely to find a larger property but will most likely also need to invest in a car.

Have a read of our Accommodation in Beijing and Areas and Suburbs pages in Beijing for more information.

Best of luck finding the perfect home for your family and enjoy the move to China. 
TinaLi on 11 Jan 2013

Hi Marria,

Deciding on a neighborhood can be difficult. There are basically three things to balance: housing budget, commuting time, expat amenities (kids schools, groceries shopping, park, restaurants, nightlife). Here’s my breakdown of some of the neighborhood options:
▪   Shunyi (near the airport): Great for expat families with children, but long commute time into the city. Also difficult if you don’t have a car.
▪   ChaoYang Park: Good for expat amenities, good for commuting, some distance to most of the international schools but with school bus.
▪   Central Business District(CBD): if you work in CBD, and want to stay close to office and enjoy city life, CBD could also be a good area. Close to expat amenities except for most schools. But school buses are available, and commuting time is 30-40 minutes. 

For housing details, please visit our website:

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

Julia on 21 Apr 2013
Hi Marria, Are you still looking for accommodation? It is not small in Beijing. I think you might want to make a compromise between parents working location and kids school. Although there are many international schools all of which provide school buses, you may not want them to spend long time on the way. However, it is exhausting for the parents to waste time on the traffic every day. Lidu area is one of first expects favorite locations. Chaoyang park has good view but projects are usually over 10 years which means housing quality is not that good in China. CBD area provides many choices with old& new projects which has expects favorites restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, hospitals and etc. around. You may have more location choices if you don't mind be involved in local urban life. Good luck! I love Beijing.