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on 15 May 2013
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of moving to Mallorca and would like some advice before I take the plunge! I have worked as a stonemason in the Yorkshire dales for the past 20 years and wondered if despite the crisis in Spain I would still be able to find construction jobs there? I appreciate that Spanish people will not employ foreigners and I would only expect to work for expats. I have experience ranging from ground work through to roofing and was also brought up on a farm so I can turn my hand to most things! I have studied Spanish before; 4 months of intensive courses at various locations. I would however, love to be able to speak it fluently. I would very much appreciate any replies. Thanks, Stewart
Shantalie on 17 May 2013
Hi Stewart,

As is the case in many European countries, the economic climate is not currently very good. Unemployment is very high and the Spanish government are actually offering incentives to encourage people to leave the country. For more about the job market in Spain take a look at this page on Working in Spain

However, there are always opportunities that will presnt themselves to those that are enthusiastic and entrpreneurial. I think in your case, it would be best to network with other expats in Mallorca and see if they can put you in touch with those that need building assitance.

Luckily, as you are an EU citizen you won't need a work permit so that is one hurdle you can avoid. Learning the local language will also be really helpful. Not just in terms of finding work but also in helping you to interact with the locals and settle into life in Mallorca. 

Hope this helps you a litttle. Good Luck.