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on 2 May 2012
I'm a 50-something South African male. A couple of years ago I went to South Korea to teach English for a year and made some good money, but I am now too old to teach English according to South Korean law. I am now looking to teach in Taiwan, as I understand the system is different and it's easier to just go and get a job when you're there. Am I likely to face problems for being too old? Also, I have a corporate/sales background - what are chances of getting a decent corporate job as a first language English speaker in Taiwan?
GabyS on 3 May 2012
Hi Phil

As in South Korea and elsewhere in the East, it really depends on the school. A lot of schools prefer to take on young, good-looking 20-something EFL teachers, others will prefer teachers in their 30s because they have more experience. So there will be some schools that won't hire you because of your age.

That said, personal appearance means a lot in the East, so if you are a sprightly, well-presented 50-something, you shouldn't have trouble finding teaching jobs in Taiwan, especially if you already have a TEFL qualification as well as work experience teaching English as a foreign language. My advice is just to apply at some good schools and see what happens. The worst they can say is no. Good luck!