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Posted by goddessoftheroad
on 27 Aug 2017

Hello all, I've read that the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire is reasonably commutable to London and offers rather affordable housing. Can anyone tell me what the town is like? What it's reputation is (if it has any)? Is it a crime riddled area and that's why the housing cost seems low or an undesirable place to live? Thanks for any info or resources! -nancy

tompitman on 30 Aug 2017
Trains go to London (Kings Cross) every half an hour, and take just over an hour. So it's commutable, just, but the train ticket will be expensive - a season ticket will cost £7020 per year. 

Grantham is best known as the home town of Maggie Thatcher. 

It is not crime ridden from what I know.
goddessoftheroad on 30 Aug 2017
Thanks for your response! That does seem a significant cost to factor in - I guess it depends on if that extra $ can buy us what we want in town or if living outside in a smaller area is more sounds worth checking into as an option. Thanks again! Cheers!