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on 8 May 2014
I'm considering a job in Angola's oil industry. I don't speak Portuguese and I've never lived in Africa. Has anyone got any insights into life in Angola, I'm particularly concerned about the business culture and etiquette in Angola. I've been working in abu Dhabifor the last year, so it will probably be a massive culture shock for me to move to Angola. Is the business culture more African or would you classify it as more Western? Conservative or casual? How important is it that I speak Portuguese?
Catherine on 9 May 2014
Hi Phil, Angola is a true mix of its African and colonial roots and doing business there can be quite challenging. The business culture is essentially conservative and quite Western in nature. Hierarchy and status are very important. Portuguese is the official language and although English will likely be understood by senior executives in the oil and gas industry, you'll definitely need to learn some key phrases in Portuguese to converse with other colleagues, especially at lower levels of the corporate chain.

Learn more about Angolan business culture and etiquette in Doing Business in Angola.

Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Oct 2014
Stay where you are or go back to Europe. We don't need in Africa
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Jun 2015
Hi every one, I am visiting Angola in july 2015 and participating in a exhibition. I need some good contacts in Sports goods there in Luanda specially. from Waseem

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