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Posted by nmoore
on 1 Feb 2017


My wife has just registered in Austria for residency and has received the "Anmeldebescheinigung" (confirmation of registration). I will be moving there later in the year and we are planning to live there permanently. As part of the registration process, she needed to provide proof of ability to support herself (we are not planning to work there) and also get an E-CARD for health insurance. As we had not sorted out health insurance yet, the registration was accepted on the grounds that an E-CARD would be submitted later as proof of health insurance.

My question: is it possible to buy private health insurance and somehow link that to an E-CARD, or do we need to buy health insurance from the local district / authority. I understand that there are different types of schemes / funds in Austria but they tend to be for employed sectors. What are our options as people who are supporting themselves?

I have seen one article on that says:
Persons not covered by compulsory insurance may take out voluntary (self) insurance. Contributions for voluntary insurance are EUR 397.35 per month. If the E-CARD is mandatory, then self insurance does not seem to be voluntary?

Is there any way that a UK EHIC card can be substituted for an E-CARD?

I know there are UK companies that sell health insurance for Austria but they don't seem to know what an E-CARD is.


Anonymous (not verified) on 28 May 2017
The ECard is a proof of insurance card that you can only get if you are paying into the Krankenkasse (socialized medicine) and has no affiliation with the Zusatzversicherung (additional private insurance) plans that are available to every Austrian resident. Many Austrians already enrolled and paying into the Krankenkasse also buy a Zusatzversicherung policy to enhance the overall services. Although as a ten year American expatriate in Wien I can say without reservation that that the standard Krankenkasse policy is not lacking in quality and is far better than the current Obamacare policies in the USA.
BABittlingmayer on 3 Jun 2018

We are considering retiring to Germany or Austria. Is it easier to get health insurance in Austria? We are 60 and 67 years old, in very good health, and we can support ourselves without employment. Where would we go to look for health insurance in Austria?

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