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on 28 Apr 2015

Hi, I'm due to start a new life in Taiwan around September.


My fiancée has got a job teaching in Chang Hua, which is great, but I'm feeling somewhat lost here, as everything I explore on the possibility of getting work, seems to come down to teaching.


From what I read, it's pretty hard to do much in Taiwan without an ARC. Here in England I'm a barber & I'm also a divemaster (that is a scuba diving cert for those who aren't aware), so I'm not totally unskilled. But finding information on getting any work outside of teaching seems like a non starter!


Surely there must be other options open, to getting work as a partner to an expat who will be teaching?


Somewhat concerned here at the moment, so please, any advice on my options would be really appreciated, as so far I just keep reading negative advice.


Many thanks,




P.S would it aid me in getting an ARC, if we brought the wedding forward & were married?