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on 10 Nov 2013
Hi, My partner and I are looking into moving overseas, we understand that getting into America can be quite a difficult process but to be honest we have NO idea were to begin. We are both in the Royal Australia Navy and have been for 4 and 6 years. I have been reading about visas and how to get an E3 you need to specialise in a certain Speciatly Occupation or have 12 years experience in a certain occupation or have a bachelors or masters degree or the equivelant in our country OR a mixture of both. we have rang the embassy etc and they will not give us information they just keep directing us to the website which really doesn't explain a whole lot. what we want to know is, How do we go about finding a job in america from Australia?. I have a lot of experience in the Equine industry and would like to work on a farm or a riding facility my partner would like to work on yachts or any shipping company in engineering. we know of people who have done it but as i said we are finding it quite difficult to gather information about living over there and if basically we have a chance or not. if Anyone else has done it and can guide us in the right direction or if we are wasting our time. And about visas and the different kinds and which one is best to apply for. We would of done the green card lottery but unfortunately it is closed for 2015 which is when we would like to leave as we are leaving the Navy next year. your help would be greatly appreciated thank you
Shantalie on 12 Nov 2013
Hi Bek,

Moving to the USA can be quite a complicated process but it isn't necessarily impossible. Start by having a look at our Visas for the USA page. 

Finding a job in the USA is not as easy as it once was as a result of the recession there are now fewer vacancies in general. To find out more about the job market in the US have a read of the Working in the USA page. 

You can also contact recruitment agencies and ask for their advice on you job prospects. They will have a more in-depth knowledge about specific job markets and give you a better idea of your prospects and link you up with potential employers.

If you have got any contacts in the US, working in similar fields to you then do try to tap into their networks as well. Often networking and knowing the right people helps you the most when it comes to finding a job in a new country.

Good Luck,


Bek on 12 Nov 2013
Thank you Shantalie so much for your help, I will start looking into the recruitment agencies asap