Posted by Shackle
on 6 Aug 2016
Hi everybody, I have a quick question. Does anyone have experience with companies in Bahrain which bring your wishlist from the Ikea at Dharan to Bahrain and install? If so, would you have names, numbers, e-mail adress, websites? thanks in advance. Shackle
Meagan on 18 Aug 2016
Hi Shackle,

It isn't impossible to get IKEA goods delivered from Dharan to Bahrain but it's likely to be costly and time-consuming. The person going over the border would need a valid visa to get into the country and it would take a couple of hours to get through customs at the border on the way back - all of which I'm sure they'd want compensation for. You'd also most likely need to pay customs fees on top of that. Apparently Home Centre in Bahrain is similar to IKEA. This might be a much easier and cheaper option for you.

Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Aug 2016
IM Planing move Dammam to bahrain. i wish to bring my household items while from saudi. pls advise is this possible to bring through customs? -any restriction items? -what documentation to provide?
Meagan on 29 Aug 2016
Hi there,

Yes, it should be possible to bring your household goods through customs, though there are some restrictions. There's some info on restricted items as well as required documents on the Expat Arrivals Shipping and Removals in Bahrain page.

To make absolutely sure you have all the correct documentation and understand all the requirements, it's also a good idea to seek advice and assistance from a relocation company that knows the process well. You can view a short list of some reputable relocation companies here.

Best of luck with your move.