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Posted by FELIX
on 14 Nov 2016
I work as an expat teaching staff for an international school in Malaysia. I wish to change my work place to another Intl school in Malaysia. How can I shift my WORK PERMIT to my new school. Thank you
HudaZaman on 20 Nov 2016
Hi Felix, you have to ask the new international school to submit the application to the Immigration Department. If you need our help regarding this matter, you can directly contact me at +60102191359. Fyi,we are an Immigration Consultation that deal directly with the authority. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!
Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Nov 2016
Thanks Sir. But, the school where I work at present says, THEY WANT TO CANCEL MY PERMIT THAT IS VALID TILL 15TH MARCH 2017 by 15th Dec 2016 (1 month extn I may get). If So, then what possibility for me to shift to a new school. (I AM STILL IN SEARCH OF A NEW INTL SCHOOL, MAY BE BY 10TH DEC,I CAN MANAGE TO GET ON). Kindly do guide me by email and I'll contact you after your email for further discussion. Is there a clause like, "I HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY FOR A 6 MONTHS GAP BEFORE I CAN SHIFT TO A NEW SCHOOL"
Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Nov 2016
Its possible for you to get the work permit only if the NEW INT SCHOOL is willing to giving you the approval letter. Btw, you can email me at for further discussion. FYI, there is a clause like you've mentioned above but with us you can proceed your application without leaving the country.

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