Posted by Samiramis
on 13 Apr 2016
Hi there Can anyone provide a list of international recruiters in the engineering field and also for school psychologists. My husband is an automation engineer and I am an educational psychologist and we want to use reputable recruiters to source jobs in Canada. Many thanks in advance.
Julia Stein on 14 Apr 2016
You can also to try searching in social network LinkedIn there are good job offers
Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Apr 2016
Thank you so much for the feedback...We toying between Toronto and surrounds as well as British Columbia. Basically wherever we get the best Job opportunities. Thank you
Shantalie on 14 Apr 2016
Hi Samiramis,

Where abouts in Canada are you moving to? The job markets vary from one city to the next.

For a little bit of background information on work culture in Canada check out the Working in Canada page.

SuzanneH on 25 Jul 2016
There is a free program called that helps people immigrating with PR visa's prepare to enter the Canadian labour market. You get one on one career coaching from a consultant that will help you with your resume and give you tips on your industry in Canada.
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Oct 2016
hi there how can i get a job in canada and how to find it.